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The Anglican Legacy Camp is a Youth Summer Camp is proudly sponsored by the Anglican Province of America.  The Anglican Legacy Camp teaches and reinforces the Traditional Teachings of the Church.

The camp is staffed, as in the past, by clergy and laity with camp experience.  The number one priority for the camp is safety, followed by the teaching of Traditional Anglican Values; therefore, those values will be expected and demanded.  Many of our campers began coming to the camp when they were eight years old and have continued year after year to come back, thus many enduring friendships have been made that will last for years.  Since most of the children know one another from previous camps, the camp experience for the children is one of being with friends who care for one another.

We look forward to seeing our previous campers and meeting our new campers this year.  This camp is special because of the friendships built between the campers with each other and between campers and the counselors.  This new Anglican Legacy Camp, previously known for the past 14 years as the Anglican Life Adventure Camp, is an attempt to move forward as we improve upon an established camp that the children have come to know and love and one that will be remember and cherish for many years to come.