Information for Parents

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What If My Camper Misses Home?

100_06681It is hard to tell who might miss home and who might not.  The younger the camper, usually the easier it is to engage them in activities, help them fit into a group, and forget they are missing home.  Older campers are far less prone to missing home, but their emotions tend to be more serious.  A general outline for how we handle the issue is: help them fit in, keep them incredibly engaged and having fun, listen, and treat them with respect.


Can My Camper Call Home?

12_14Campers are not allowed to call home. Why?  Because if you take a perfectly happy summer camper and put them on the phone with the one they love the most – they will instantly miss you and home.  Yes, it is true even of those having the absolute time of their life.  If an emergency does come up we will handle each one independently.



Will my Camper Fit In? 

10_12One of the greatest parts about summer camp is kids can be themselves as they are surrounded by other children who proclaim Christ.  This positive atmosphere reduces the stress and expectations as they can reach out and grow in positive Christian fellowship.   Fitting in, making friendships, and finding acceptance are some of our top priorities for our campers.



I see Anglican Legacy Camp is an Anglican camp.  What if my family isn’t Anglican?


Not a problem at all.  The camp is Christ Centered and the teachings and worship are within the Anglican Tradition.  The campers do partake of the Eucharist (those who are confirmed) daily, along with Morning/Evening Prayers, and we have daily biblical classes based upon the Anglican Tradition, but our Christian summer camp is open to all who proclaim Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour.



Setting Realistic Expectations

100_0689While most campers say their favorite time of the year is summer camp, not every minute of every day is perfect.   At summer camp, that long hike or afternoon thunderstorm might seem rough at the time, but hopefully it will have helped bring campers to new friendships.



What will the Cabin Experience Be Like?

100_0687It is a comfort to have an idea of what to expect. The campers will share a cabin room with other campers and counselors. There are wake up times and times to clean up the cabin and times when the whole cabin comes together for prayer, and other times when it’s time for bed and quality rest time.



Can I Visit My Camper During Camp?

The camp schedule is packed full of activities, and we’ve found that mid-session camp visits disrupt the flow of camp and each camper’s experience. If you wish to visit, please contact the camp director in advance and we can pick a good time, but please do not show up unannounced.